Luxaflex® Evo Awning Range

Looking for a beautiful solution for your outdoor space, with easy operation and customisability? Consider the range of Luxaflex® Evo awnings. All of our awnings can also be motorised with sun and wind sensors, making them even easier to operate.

There are several awning models in the range:



Cable guide

Awnings motorised or crank operated

Side tension channel

Custom made awnings poolside

Straight drop

Luxaflex Awnings pivot outside

Pivot arm










As its name suggests, sturdy stainless steel cable wires guide the awning as it opens and closes. Cable Guides offer precision control and stability and are the perfect option when tension channels (see below) cannot be affixed to the building.


This has a neat, seamless finish, because there are no cables or wires visible in this model. Channels guide the awning as it opens and closes, stopping the fabric from ‘blowing out’ which gives you greater control over ‘gaps’ and means you can eliminate insects, as well as control privacy, wind and temperature more effectively. Side tension channel operation is usually recommended for high-wind areas.


This version is generally used for uncomplicated building openings where a straight drop awning will effectively cover the space and where there are no posts or walls to affix the blind. Straight Drop awnings are fixed to the ground instead.


Ideal as an external window covering, the Pivot Arm action allows you to change the angle of the awning and manage how much sunlight and glare comes into your home.



Talk to a member of our professional design team today for advice on the most practical awning for your purpose. We visit your premises with samples and personally explain the different applications, showing you how they would look and operate at your home. Call us on 02 9712 2722, or you can view the range in more detail online.


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