How To Choose The Best Curtains for Your Room

Your window furnishings can pull the entire aesthetic of your room together, and yet they are often overlooked in the grand scheme of interior decor. Not to mention, they are important for privacy, temperature, sun control, and cost savings, to name a few practical elements. When it comes to choosing the perfect curtains for your room, you’ll have to weigh up length, lining, colour, texture, fabric, opacity and more.


The colour you choose should of course complement the rest of your room. The curtains don’t have to match exactly, they should just balance out the existing decor. If your room has all neutral tones, then neutral curtains will do the trick. You can also choose to contrast entirely with the existing colour scheme if you want the curtains to be a main focus.


Think about how the curtains will fit into the rest of the room’s style before making a decision here. If the room is light, consider a fabric like cotton, linen, or even lace. If the room is darker or a bit more dramatic, look at suede or velvet which create a more formal vibe. Consider how much sun you want to allow into the room as well, and also know that sunlight fades fabric over time. The fabric you choose will also affect how the curtains hang and how they look when drawn.

Patterns and Textures

Good quality curtains are often a considerable investment, so pick a patterns and textures that you will enjoy for awhile. Can’t choose between solids or prints? Base your decision on your plans for the rest of the room. If everything is solid and monochrome, play around with bolder patterns to liven up the space, and the other way around with an already vibrant and busy home. You can choose patterns to make your room feel bigger or smaller, as well.

Privacy and Opacity

From a more practical perspective, think about how much privacy you need to get from your curtains. Blockout curtains are the extreme opposite and will not only ensure privacy, but all light will be blocked out as well.


Thermal insulating curtains are a great solution for colder climates, keeping the cold air out and making your home more energy efficient. You can even lower your bills! Consider sheer curtains for summer when you want to let the light in and the weather is warmer. Your location, climate and lifestyle preferences really make a difference here.

Hanging Style

Choose how high you want your curtains to hang, and how low you would like them to sit above the floor. Measure the height from the rod to the floor before ordering and then hanging curtains. Also decide on the width of your curtains and if you want a draped or tailored look.

We always recommend looking at samples before ordering to see the material in person. Our storefront is full of the most up to date samples which you can browse with one of our experienced decorators, or we visit homes for a free consultations with samples in your own space. Ready to chat with an expert? Call us on 02 9712 2722 to get started.


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