2018 Interior Decor Trends

Are you striving to have a more beautiful home this year that reflects your personal style? Do you find yourself scrolling through thousands of Pinterest photos with inspiration overload? Before you go shopping to fulfil some of your new year’s resolutions, we’ll highlight what’s in and what’s out in 2018 so you can decide whether you want to include some of these trends in your new home decor.

In 2018, interior decor rules ignore looking one particular way and instead embrace nuance and imperfections. So don’t feel like you have to follow all the trends exactly, and make sure you incorporate your own flair!

Metallics and brass in interior decor


Brass is likely to be the leading metal trending in 2018. You can feature this trend in items like tapware, hardware and other accessories like picture frames and lighting. Copper is another metal that will remain popular in 2018, but may not be featured as commonly as brass. Look for touches of silver, gold and chrome as well, and maybe even some metallic paint.



Earthy colours trending in 2018

Earthy Colours

Millennial pink blew up starting in 2016, and we will see this trend persist well into this new year. New colours to add to the mix are earthy tones and retro feels from the 1970s, like browns, greens and mixes of reds, oranges, yellows and even golds – these colours will help to make your space feel warmer, and match well with metallic highlights as well. Look for some of these, as well as neutral tones and greys, to decorate your home this year.

Dark Wood

Along the theme of earthiness in colours, dark wood is being utilised in home decor in 2018. Think walnut and oak timbers, a contrast from lighter woods that have been most popular in more recent years. Use dark wood in your kitchens, bathrooms and even as accessories throughout the rooms in your home.


Wabi sabi interior decor

Wabi Sabi

This Japanese term refers to beauty within imperfections. The takeaway here is to love what is used, the items in your home that are not perfect and might even be a little worn down. Metals and earthy tones both come into play here and tie in perfectly with this trend. Also consider unfinished wood and furnishings, as well as different textures and less polished pieces.



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